Attendee Tracking

Updated on October 25, 2020

One of the huge benefits of using Justattend is that you are able to use your existing video conferencing solution for your events. Typically, those video conferencing solutions lack the ability for you to accurately determine attendance making post event analytics very basic.

Those that do typically have basic intelligence built in to them, some may prompt the attendee to enter their name upon entry, others will require them to login with a username and password.

Neither of these data collection solutions are suitable for virtual events. You require accuracy and intelligent analytics that you can use to follow up on your hard earnt leads without putting your attendees off at the entrance.

Justattend’s attendee tracking system works by issuing each of your attendees a personalised link that is just for them. Each link is unique to that individual and when clicked, passes through our tracking solution so that we can instantly identify who the attendee is and what they clicked. Once gathered, we then redirect that attendee to your video conferencing solution.

By doing this, you get accurate attendance statistics without requiring the attendee to remember complicated credentials or giving them the opportunity to redact their real identity with a fake alias.

Simply create your meeting space in your video conferencing solution, remove the entrance gates like lobby or password and let Justattend provide the intelligence and security to your next virtual event.