Calendar Sync

Updated on October 24, 2020

Making sure that your event is your attendee’s calendar is the most important objective in order to boost your event attendance.

If you cannot achieve this objective, your attendance will be lower than what it could have been.

By default, each time an attendee registers for your event using Justattend by either dynamic or direct registration they will be sent a calendar invite with your event details. Therefore, we do the hard work for you.

For more complex events with multi-session agendas, there is an opportunity to ensure that all sub events of your conference make it into your attendee’s calendar. This will allow them to drop in and out of your event in line with their work day without missing the content that is important to them.

To help with this, Justattend has a built in iCAL subscription feature that allows your attendees to synchronise your entire event to their calendar.

The benefit of subscribing to a calendar means that if you as an organiser has to rearrange a session, then these changes in your schedule are reflected automatically in your attendee’s calendar without you having to communicate every change to them.