Direct Registration

Updated on October 24, 2020

Direct Registration is a feature that allows you to expedite event registration for your previous attendees.

Leveraging your existing mailing list of previous attendees is your most powerful tool in your arsenal when promoting a new event. There have been many conferences that sell out just on the strength of this alone.

However, why ask those loyal patrons of your event and brand to fill out a registration form with the same details they have already provided you previously?

Direct Registration is a feature of Justattend that allows you to simplify their registration process to 1 single click.

Simply, create your mailing campaign in your chosen marketing tool like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor as you would normally. Add a Register call to action and supply the Justattend URL for your event as the action.

Using Direct Registration, you can add special parameters to the URL and personalise them using the merge tags from your mailing list.


Where |*FNAME|* etc. are the merge tags from your mailing list.

When the mail is sent out, the merge tags are replaced with personalised information about the contact[email protected]

If they choose to register, Justattend will automatically register them for your event and send them a calendar invite confirming their registration and all the details they need to join.

Don’t worry if you need to capture up to date information from them. You can do that if they attend your event with dynamic registration.