Dynamic Registration

Updated on October 24, 2020

Dynamic Registration is a feature that optimises attendee acquisition for online events.

The virility of online events means that your potential attendees are getting bombarded with invitations to register for events on their social profiles and inbox. This often leads them to dismiss your invitation because it is just another form to fill in.

Using Justattend’s Dynamic Registration feature you are able to streamline your attendee registration process by requiring just the bare minimum of attendee data needed to register at the beginning e.g. an e-mail address and leave the rest until they have joined the event.

As your attendee navigates through your event, you can assign pre-entry conditional surveys on different sessions, activities, raffles or competitions to capture the remaining profile data you need.

Not only do you get more registrations but you’ll end up having more people attending and combined with dynamic registration and gamification you can turn attendee profile building into a fun activity for everyone.

Dynamic registration is built into our platform’s DNA and available with every webinar or conference plan. You simply choose what information you require upfront and then build your profile building game into your event agenda.

For a list of other features of Justattend that work with Dynamic Registration, check out our features page.