The flexible event platform

Justattend lets you use your existing video conferencing or broadcasting solution and turn it into a complete virtual event platform optimized for your virtual attendee.

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Built for your attendee's ultimate experience

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and all online conferencing platforms...

Why pay for functionality you already use?

Justattend is a front-end to your existing video conferencing and broadcasting solution that turns it from a business communication tool into a fully featured virtual event platform.

With Justattend to create a fully flexible virtual event. Mix and match different types of sessions, live, pre-recorded or studio broadcasted to create your perfect virtual event.

An attendee first approach

Your attendee experience starts with registration. We simplify their experience in a way that gets your event into their calendar in a single click. 

We streamline attendance by removing technology blockers such as usernames and passwords so that they can join your event in a single click.

As an organizer, it is important that you have data analytics. We haven’t forgotten. You’ll get all the analytics you need to measure your virtual event’s success!

Our solution is the only virtual event platform that is truly optimized from an attendee first perspective, guaranteed to give you higher numbers of registrations and more importantly, higher turn out vs other virtual event platforms

happy attendee at a virtual event

All the features you need for an amazing virtual event!

Attendee Registration

Register new and previous attendees quickly with a single click. Making sure your event is booked in their calendar within seconds of registration

Attendee Networking

Connect your attendees together by using profile and attendance data to promote more natural networking opportunities for your attendees with full enterprise social and chat functionality

Flexible Session Formats

Who says all your sessions should be one format? Create your bespoke agenda and choose whether they are live, broadcasted or pre-recorded

Build your event in minutes

Create awesome event experiences for your attendees by mixing and matching sessions using technology you already own to the fullest effect